domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Mighty Terror - Trinidad Sweet Trinidad (Mixtape)

Mighty Terror
Mixtape Trinidad Sweet Trinidad
Ano de lançamento 2014

Lista de musicas:
The Mighty Terror - Sweet Trinidad
The Mighty Terror - Keep Calypso Clean
The Mighty Terror - Callaloo
The Mighty Terror - Pan Talent
The Mighty Terror - Steelband Jamboree
The Mighty Terror - Millie and the Centipede
The Mighty Terror - Home Sweet Home
The Mighty Terror - Monkey
The Mighty Terror - Calypsonians
The Mighty Terror - Female Woodcutter
The Mighty Terror - Pan in Tune
The Mighty Terror - Yankee Woman Ain't Cooking

domingo, 9 de março de 2014

Might Sparrow - Doo Doo Bongo Man (Mixtape)

Might Sparrow
Doo Doo Bongo Man
Ano de lançamento 2014

Lista de músicas:
Might Sparrow  -  Sparrow dead
Might Sparrow  -  Sixty million frenchmen
Might Sparrow  -  Mas in brooklyn
Might Sparrow  -  Who she go cry for
Might Sparrow  -  Cock fight
Might Sparrow  -  Martin Luther King
Might Sparrow  -  Monica Doo Doo
Might Sparrow  -  Sa sa ay
Might Sparrow  -  May May
Might Sparrow  -  The lizard
Might Sparrow  -  Pussy cat
Might Sparrow  -  Bongo man

terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014

Lord Kitchener - Calypso Boom Boom (Mixtape)

Lord Kitchener
Mixtape Calypso Boom Boom
Ano de lançamento 2014

Lista de músicas:
Lord Kitchener - Carnival
Lord Kitchener - Don't Kiss Me Too Low
Lord Kitchener - My Wife's Nightie
Lord Kitchener - Old Lady Walk A Mile
Lord Kitchener - Jerico
Lord Kitchener - My Pussin
Lord Kitchener - Nora
Lord Kitchener - Flag Woman
Lord Kitchener - Pan In A-Minor
Lord Kitchener - One To Hang
Lord Kitchener - Cricket Champions
Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum

domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014

Lord Melody - Wau Wau Bong Bong (Calypso Mixtape)

Lord Melody
Album Calypso 1962
Ano de lançamento 1962

Lista de músicas:
Lord Melody  -  Melody twist
Lord Melody  -  New York
Lord Melody  -  Wau, wau
Lord Melody  -  Bong bong bong
Lord Melody  -  Blackbird
Lord Melody  -  The seagull and the mule
Lord Melody  -  Georgie porgie
Lord Melody  -  Yours sincerely 
Lord Melody  -  Nylon
Lord Melody  -  Donkey race
Lord Melody  -  Happy harry

sábado, 25 de janeiro de 2014

Peter Case - Wig!

Peter Case
Album Wig!
Ano de lançamento 2010

Lista de musicas:
Peter Case - Ain't Got No Dough    
Peter Case - Banks Of The River     
Peter Case - Colors Of Night     
Peter Case - Dig What You're Putting Down     
Peter Case - House Rent Jump     
Peter Case - House Rent Party     
Peter Case - Look Out!     
Peter Case - My Kind Of Trouble     
Peter Case - New Old Blue Car     
Peter Case - Somebody Told The Truth     
Peter Case - The Words In Red     
Peter Case - Thirty Days In The Workhouse    

domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

Canned Heat - Canned Heat

Canned Heat
Canned Heat
Ano de lançamento 1967

Lista de músicas:
01- Rollin' and Tumblin'
02- Bullfrog Blues
03- Evil is Going On
04- Going Down Slow
05- Catfish Blues
06- Dust My Broom
07- Help Me
08- Big Road Blues
09- Story Of My Life
10- The Road Song
11- Rich Woman

quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

The Bintangs - Blues on the ceiling

The Bintangs
Blues on the ceiling
Ano de lançamento 1969

Lista de musicas:
01.Smokestack Lightning (2:15)
02.Louisiana (Blues) (4:08)
03.Fighting a Losing Battle (3:50)
04.Three Hunderd Pounds of Joy (3:07)
05.Still a Fool (6:30)
06.Little by Little (2:27)
07.Blues with a Feeling (4:34)
08.St. Louis Blues (6:15)
09.My Babe (4:20)
10.Blues on the Ceiling (4:17)
11.It's All over Now (3:17)